Acever Japanese Edo Furin Windchime Bell Gift Home Decor Pink Sakura

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Model: ZG-025
ACEVER brand Japanese glass windchime bell with beautiful pattern of pink sakura on high-transparent glass, which is the symbol of peaceful mind in Japan. The wind chime is a lovely decoration in garden, home, office, spa, Christmas tree and other places. They give clear and elegant sound when there is breeze.
Size of the glass ball is 7*8cm. Adding up the adjustable string, total length of the windchime is at about 46cm.
Glass wind chime bells, also known as Edo Furin, was originated from Japan in the ancient Edo dynasty. Only the noble families were able to hang windchimes in their garden and in the entrance of the gate. People think hanging windchimes can bring good fortune and happiness to the family.
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