#1:  Shenzhen Dacheng Electronic factory

#2: Jiangsu Zhiguang Glass Crafts Co., Ltd.

#3: Dongguan Weiyi Home Products Co., Ltd.

#4: Huizhou Topway Glass Products Co., Ltd.

#5: Shenzhen Jingtian Golf & Sports Factory

#6: www.acever.com

#6.1:  Glass Products

#6.2:  Electronic Products

#7:  www.eliteshine.com

 #7.1:  Golf & Sports Products

ACEVER is a group consisting of leading manufacturers.

This website is of the B2C section for glass products section. Advantage products are glass windchimes, glass terrariums, glass vase, glass containers, glass jars, glass mugs and cups, vintage status and figurines, acrylic keychains, mirrors, photo frames, game dolls and customized designs. 

Inquiry for bulk orders, please contact: Sales@acever.com

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