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<strong>Completely handmade of natural birch tree bark & wood </strong>Environment-friendly and eco-friendly.</Br>
<strong>Multiple functional. </strong>The birch bark wood box is made into bread basket, tea box, snacks and busicuss barrels, eyeglass, phone case and other items container. </Br>
<strong> Anti-bacterial.</strong>Thanks to the natural properties of anti-bacterial capability, birch bark boxes can keep bacteria away and remove poisonous substances from the food. </Br>
<strong>Stylish designs.</strong>The birch box itself is a unique decor for desktop and tabletop. </Br>
<strong>Material:</strong> Natural birch bark and wood</Br>
<strong>Main color:</strong> Original wood. </Br>

<strong>Package includes:</strong></Br>
1 x birch bark box</Br>

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